The Ins and Outs of Access Control

You have probably used access control whether you have thought about it or not. You know when you swipe a hotel card to enter your room? You know when you put a code in to unlock a door? It's all access control.

What you may not know is that it is commonly used in businesses both big and small. You can create designated areas where employees can and cannot access. You can create restricted zones for other employees. Do you have someone coming in to do work on an off day? You can program them a one-day code to get in and fix what they need. If you want to keep an eye on them we install security cameras as well, but that's another story.

A lot of businesses have to cut a whole new set of keys and change the locks when a worker is terminated or quits. Not you, an access control system can give you the power to change the code or issue new cards quickly and easily.

Something missing? If you need to login and generate a report of exactly who went where, just pull it up on your computer. You have access to all the records.

Our specialty is customizing the perfect access control system for you and your business. We work with Linear eMERGE, IEI Access Systems, ADC, Keyscan Access Control and Honeywell Access Control Systems to come up with the right solution to put you in control.