Need a doorbell camera? Need 48 camera CCTV commercial video surveillance system?
Hospital install with access control, security and fire alarms? Need a 4 or 8 camera system for your home with alarm?

Whatever your needs, we have you covered. With over 10 years of experience and thousands of jobs under our belt, Security Options has worked with the biggest names in the state. We've worked with the police department, public schools, private homes, businesses and everything in between. Give us a chance to give you a quote. We have a solution for you.


We have easy solutions and custom installed packages. Call today to talk with a customer care representative who can walk you through the steps and provide answers to all your questions. We will come up with the perfect solution to your house or business. We offer:

Choose your professionally installed security cameras.


Standard Cameras

Good for front and

rear doors

65 ft of night vision

Upgrade Camera

Good for sides of homes

and a/c units

100ft of night vision

Premium Upgrade

Good for driveways

and backyards

150ft of night vision

Groundbreaking color night vision technology

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So, no matter what size or kind of commercial or home video surveillance or CCTV solution. We have a custom package that will work for you.