Stay safe with technology designed to keep you in control of your security even when you’re not at home. We’re pleased to provide homeowners in Anadarko, OK, with budget-pleasing and easy-to-use home monitoring solutions. If you’re new to smart security and home monitoring technology, take a moment to discover how our products and services may benefit you.

Who We Are

We’re a dealer for offering an assortment of smart home security systems and related accessories and services to homeowners throughout the Anadarko area. We’re a trusted company with a reputation for putting our customers first by:

• Presenting high-quality security solutions
• Keeping prices up-front and reasonable
• Offering convenient scheduling options

Security via

Access to your home’s settings is provided with the app. By using a reliable cellular connection, you won’t have to depend on traditional connections with cables or wiring that may be cut or damaged during a break-in attempt. What this means for homeowners like you in Anadarko, OK, is the ability to access settings from smartphones, tablets, desktops, thermostats, and even with a smartwatch.

Easy Control with a GC2 Touchscreen Panel

Our smart home security systems work with a 2Gig GC2 security and control panel. You’ll have access to an intuitive, user-friendly, color, touchscreen interface that can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. With integrated two-way technology, the central station will be able to instantly keep you informed when a signal is received. All hardware is contained within the panel, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of finding space for additional controls and panels.

Simple, Smart Controls

Want to know who’s at your door when you’re at work? This is just one of the many advantages our customers enjoy thanks to simple, smart controls. And you’ll be able to use your controls to do more than just keep your home safe from intruders. With our smart home security systems, you’ll also be able to:

• Check in via video to make sure your kids are safely home from school
• Receive alerts when there is an attempt to enter your home
• Be better prepared in the event of a home emergency with the ability to turn of the water, shut down your HVAC system, or turn lights on or off

Smart Solutions and Choices

You’ll have a choice of systems that provide different levels of security, protection, and remote access to your home. Whether your priority is to be able to remotely allow welcome visitors into your home or to receive notifications when someone is at your front door, we’ll provide recommendations based on your specific needs and concerns.

Enjoy much-appreciated peace of mind without having to stretch your budget thanks to our affordable security solutions. We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right options for your home security needs in Anadarko, OK, and take care of all installation and setup requirements. Call to learn more about our smart home security systems and how you can get installed as soon as tomorrow.

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