Hollis, Oklahoma – Alarm Monitoring

Home security is a buyers market. Don’t let anyone bundle you into anything different. Right now more than ever you can find yourself more equipment at a better price.

The smart home features that are out today are unrivaled. Having control over your entire home has never been easier. Not only can you control your entire domicile; you can choose how you want to control your home.

Whether your bag is automated energy efficient control over your thermostat, iPhone/Android control over your door locks or video or your front porch being sent right to you. What a time to be alive.

In addition to these amazing features you will save money on your homeowners insurance on a monthly basis. You will have mountains of benefits from a small touch screen talking wireless keypad made by 2gig security. Weather updates, geo-fencing and one touch arming and disarming all makes your new safe home a breath of fresh air.

Contact a specialist in our office today. We have multiple licensed technicians and experts who can tell you exactly what your best option is in terms of price and your needs.

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