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Are Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras Really Worth It?

Every day we get someone asking us, “do you have wireless security cameras?” There are pros and cons, but the pros are a little more surface level and the cons may be unknown. So, if you’ve been looking into getting wireless security cameras for your home, we’ve written this article for you. Whether you are looking for night vision, cameras with lights, easy to install or professional or just something that connects to your phone. This is what you need to know about indoor and outdoor wireless security cameras. 


Are Wireless Video Surveillance Cameras Easy to Install?


Yes, wireless video surveillance is typically easier to install than professional or wired security cameras. That’s the number one reason to go with them. They typically have a monthly cloud storage fee for your video. The wifi can be spotty which can provide you with lackluster coverage from time to time and the they are more susceptible to be hacked. They are however easy to install. It might not take any experience for you to be up and running. It really comes down to what you are looking for. 


How Secure Are Wireless Security Camera Systems?

Wireless home security cameras are known to not be bulletproof as far as security goes. One of the big concerns is that a lot of wireless cameras are recording audio and video of your family and friends in your home. Interactions and conversations. That footage is then stored online. So, for a lot of people this is a no-go. Things like easy or default passwords make you more likely to be hacked. 


Security Cameras with Lights or Night Vision?

As for security cameras with lights vs night vision it mostly comes down to how close someone is likely to be to your camera if you catch them on video. When a dark night meets a bright light at a close distance you will have a blown out image of a person. Their face could appear completely white and lack the definition to make out who is actually in your yard. At a higher point in which the camera has at least a few feet to shine the light may prove to be perfect. 


An infrared camera can prove to be more of a consistent image no matter the distance of the subject to the camera. 


Amazon, Best Buy or Local for Security Cameras?


Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras?

One example of security issues arose when a certain brand of cameras were found to be very open to attacks from outside sources. The owners of a certain kind of camera with the CamHi app were urged to unplug devices immediately. 


Another issue is keeping your batteries charged in your device. If you are using a dead battery when something happens you aren’t going to have any footage at all. So, you may want to set reminders to install, recharge or replace batteries frequently. 


A pro of wired cameras is that they are not prone to the same poor quality wifi signal, hacking or unexpected batteries dying. This is why I believe that as the new car smell wears off on the technology that makes wireless cameras, more people are finding their way back over to wired.


Another reason to be weary of wireless is that while often easy to install, you are much more prone to seeing issues or not having a working system a year or so after you have it installed. Small changes like moving a mirror, refrigerator or other reflective surface may disrupt your signal causing you to lose video. All the way to major changes like taking a wall down or moving things in your room. Another potential issue could be your neighbor getting a wireless security camera and unintentionally meddling with the power or clarity of your signal. Be very wary of changes in your home affecting whether or not you get a proper signal.

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Door to Door Salesman and Scams in Oklahoma

Hey Friends,

Door to door sales can be a hassle. It’s a rarity that you happen to be shopping for a vacuum the day the salesman pulls up with the new suckjet 9000. Yet here they are telling you what you might need today. This guy is the exception. We like him. On top of that you have to be aware of people trying to nab your information or tell you tall tales about your current service providers.

Things to Look Out For

As a valued reader or customer, we wanted to warn you that homeowners in the Oklahoma area have reported suspicious door-to-door security system sales or service activity.

To help you protect your home and finances, we encourage you to be on the lookout for anyone posing as an alarm technician, sales consultant or clowns for that matter (I still find them creepy) who:

• Tells you that we are no longer in business, no longer serve your area, or that we were bought or sold. These are false statements.
• Asks you to sign a new contract to ensure your security continues.
• Asks for access to your system or says it has been recalled, requires replacement or that they are from the manufacturer.
• Uses high-pressure tactics to force you to make a decision.

Protect yourself and your neighbors with these tips

There are things you can do to safeguard your home and account:

• Never open the door to someone who doesn’t have an appointment.
• Call us to confirm we have sent a representative or to check the details.
• Build a moat (budget allowing)
• Check details before signing a contract. You might end up being billed again byanother company.
• Consider our smart home video service and keep an eye on your home – using your smartphone and our video options.
• Research company reviews and scam alerts. Be informed by doing a google search on anyone you may be doing business with.
• Report suspicious activity or call us if you have concerns.

If you ever have any questions about upgrades or your system, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 405-605-0101.

We’re here 24/7 and are happy to help!

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What is a Home Security Superstore?

A Home Security Superstore is Knowing You’ll Get the Right Answers

There are a lot of big security companies out there. A lot of companies that you can find in most every major or even small city in the United States. There are a lot of smaller, local security companies across the country. The bigger companies, will only sell you what they are selling. What they find makes them the most money while spending the least. A lot of the smaller companies have their backs against the wall. Or you may have to worry that they won’t be in a great place someday. Hopefully they will never have to look at selling your contract to a bigger company. A home security superstore should be able to offer you all of the options and have the most knowledge. They should have experts who can weigh in on any and every issue. They know this industry like the back of their hand.

The Benefits of Local Security

The other good thing about a home security superstore is getting all of the benefits of going local. You get to pump money back into your community to keep it strong. You get to rely on skilled workers around you and provide real good paying jobs in your state. You should be able to make a phone call and not talk to a machine. And if you can walk into a set of doors to ask questions, shake hands and get answers face to face then you have a security superstore.

The Security Superstore of Oklahoma

Security Options home security superstore is based in Oklahoma City, OK. We opened in 2003 and have received multiple rewards not just locally, but nationwide. Our unwavering support and goal to make sure every customer is happy keeps us at a 5 star rating. While bigger companies can run from bad reviews by spending millions of dollars on advertising, there are some of us out there whose goal is to succeed by making sure you are happy. Whether you are based in Oklahoma or another state you may have a security company that carries our same values.

Finding the Experts

Expertise doesn’t come easy. You’ve got companies like Cox and At&t that want to buy their way into the game last minute. This results in quick training people who don’t have the experience necessary to make the right choices when it comes to you and your families safety. We believe in getting the right people in the right places and we think that our experts on access control, business security systems, school alarms, home security design, smart home systems, video doorbell cameras, security cameras and video surveillance have what it takes to get you the right answers.

Call Security Options 405-605-0101 for an expert to help your get secure at your home or business